Auckland - First Impressions

After arriving I immediately got the feel of a friendly, but well organised country. Everybody seems to be helpful to give you information or a helping hand, everybody respects each other and tries to be friendly. Of course with time I'll see bit deeper in to the society, but until now I'm quite pleased to be travelling here.

Also everything else worked just perfectly. I could receive a parcel with some items which I sent a few weeks before, and there was no tax and no fees, just friendly people.

Cycling is a bit a different story, it seems that there's quite many people which just tend to forget that they've been overtaking me a second ago. On the other hand there's also many which tend to keep an enormous distance or even change lanes completely because of me cycling on there lane.

I also celebrated New Year here, we went to Victoria Mountain in Devenport, a suburb of Auckland, where we had a beautiful view on the fireworks on the Sky Tower. The rest of the days I spent mostly organizing my stuff, drinking coffe and hanging out with a friend from home. She just happend to be at the other side of the world at the same time as me ;-)