Queenstown to Invercargill

From one of the touristic hotspots to remote places on the southernmost part of New Zealands South Island, and a lot of good tramps

Queenstown and the Greenstone-Caples Track

After getting things sorted out and a an unsuccesful try to increase my weight with heaps of good food in Queenstown I was more or less ready for some more tramps. With Caroline and Peter I went on the Greenstone-Caples track. It was quite beautiful, rather easy and extremely humid during the nights. This because of local climate and mestaying in my tent instead of the huts to cut cost down a bit.


Queenstown to Te-Anau

To Te-Anau I took the road over the Mavora Lakes. From Queenstown it can only be accessed by bicycle, because you have to take a vintage coalfired steamship, the TSS Earnslaw, to cross the lake. So there was hardly any traffic and that nice remote feeling to it when I cycled trough the rugged, mountaineous farmland.

Lake Mavora was just the right spot to have a one day break off of civilisation, with no noise expect some bird chirps in a beautiful surounding.


Hollyford Track

In Te-Anau I stocked up my food and prepared for the longest self supported hike so far, the Hollyford. I also considered doing the Big-Bay Pike loop, but didn't do it because I didn't wanna carry my tent as well or do a 15 hours day instead. Therefore I walked back the same way after I reached the Big-Bay hut. I didn't regret doing it that way after hearing from others how tyring it had been wading hours in lakes and walking through deep mud even longer...

Anyways, it had been a quite rewarding adventure. After I got used to my quite heavy backpack (10 days worth of food are a lot to carry!) I really enjoyed walking through rainforests, seeing mountains with glaciers on top and the beautiful Hollyford valley, walking towards the sea with the nicest sand beaches, a lot of seals, possums and atmospheric light.

I also enjoyed walking back the same way, seeing everything from a different perspective and in new light wasn't boring at all.


Manapouri to Invercargill

I cycled along the Southern Scenic Route to Invercargill, the southernmost city of New Zealand. The weather wasn't too good for photography, but I didn't mind at all as I had a crazy tailwind and only very little traffic. I even beat my own speedrecord in New Zeland so far. It's now 71.6km/h ;)

One of the really beautiful spots on this route is Monkey Island Beach. It is a free community run camping directly on a sandy beach. Don't forget to stand up before sunrise!