Catlins and Dunedin

Momentarily I'm rather progressing slowly, as I feel a bit tired. That's why I find a bit more time for blogging and uploading photos. Since last entry I moved from the sourthernmost city, Invercargill along the Catlins Coast to Dunedin.

The Catlins are a beautiful place, a rugged coast with a lot of wildlife. And Dunedin is a very scottish city with even more wildlife around it seems to me. I've seen here the royal albatros, a bird with a wingspan of three metres! There are also seals, used to contact with humans, one could nearly - but just nearly! - cuddle them. There's also a butterfly house, which gave me the possibility to train my photography skills a bit more.

But the most special animal encounter was definitely when I could see a yellow eyed pinguin from close up. The yellow eyed is the rarest of the pinguins and lives only in New Zealand. There's recently one of these hanging out on a beach which belonged until now to blue penguins, the smalles and noisiest among the pinguins. These got used to be watched by a human crowd for every evening since 15 years. It was quite fun to watch them react on a new situation when the yellow eyed pinguin was standing there for the first time.

As every evening they emerged from the water, but immediately saw that something changed. Some froze, others started staring around and searching other ways, some even jumped back in the water. Slowly a big crowd of blue pinguins gathered, and they approached their object of confusion, then backed away again. Until the first one started to run. Their actually quite fast! The show was repeated several times, when a new group arrived, and everybody just had to laugh!

I will stay a couple days more in Dunedin, enjoying "civilisation", e.g. chocolate cakes, nice meals and some bands playing. I also have to wait here, as my credit card was misused - probably copied when I've been on my last job in India. The replacement is on it's way now. But mainly I just try to gain a bit of weight and refill my mental reserves as well. Sometimes one just need a little off, even from such a nice thing as cycling a beautiful and friendly country as New Zealand ;)